Noel the Mortal Fate, a tale of revenge between a young girl and a powerful demon, is available for Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S/Microsoft Store on July 26, 2022!!

Noel the Mortal Fate, a tale of revenge between a young girl and a powerful demon, is available for Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S/Microsoft Store on July 26, 2022!!

Indie game publisher, PLAYISM together with Vaka Game Magazine are proud to announce that Noel the Mortal Fate for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Microsoft Store is available on July 26th, 2022! Like the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation®4 version, this title is a remake from the Steam and free game and includes major upgrades to the UI, presentation,and game elements! Not to mention, the remake supports Full HD remastering and additional content, Season 3.5! At long last, with the release of the Microsoft Store version, we are finally happy to announce that this remake will now be available for the eager fans waiting for the PC version.

This is a story about the revenge of a girl who lost her arms and legs to a devil...

Noel the Mortal Fate is an unorthodox style adventure game where the story progresses through vigorous exploration of the map, conversations with the characters, riveting events, and sometimes even tear-jerking developments similarly found in shonen manga. The player controls Noel to advance the story, but in situations where combat is necessary, the player then controls Caron to protect Noel as the story progresses.


Noel, a young girl with professional pianists for parents, fails to win the grand prize in the piano competition held in the city of Lhaplus, and subsequently misses out on being selected for the honorable position of "memorial ceremony pianist", sending her into a deep depression. She hears from Mayor Burrows that there were irregularities in the selection process, and under his direction she heads to an abandoned building. There, after summoning the devil Caron and entering into a "contract" to become the "true memorial ceremony pianist", Noel loses her arms and legs as part of said contract. Almost frozen to death and saved by Caron, Noel is consumed with rage from being used by Burrows and agrees to join forces with Caron to exact her revenge on the conniving mayor. The pair head off to take down Burrows, facing all sorts of dangers and trials along the way.


Noel Cerquetti
A girl from the prestigious Cerquetti family whose parents are both pianists. When she didn't win the top prize at the Lhaplus City piano contest, her pride was hurt and Mayor Burrows tricked her into signing a contract with Caron. The loss of both arms and legs broke her dreams of becoming a renowned pianist. She has a stubborn and relentless personality, once she makes up her mind it's her way or the highway.
Caron, the sharp-eyed devil, has supernatural powers and can fulfill all and any wish. He signed a contract with Noel in an abandoned building, before realizing it was a trick by Burrows. Caron got angry at Burrows and saved Noel's life, proposing a deal to her. He mostly places heavy demands on Noel but at the same time takes care of her too.

And More!
There are other fascinating characters that help paint the picture of this tale of revenge between a young girl and a powerful devil.

This remake version includes major upgrades to the UI, presentation, and game elements!

Noel the Mortal Fate is a biographical adventure game that has been highly popular in “Game Magazine” since its serialization in 2016, the comicalization and novelization of the series has sold over 310,000 copies, and in 2019, a drama CD featuring all the wonderful voice actors was released. It even garnered a lot of attention, ranking 23rd on Oricon’s Debut list! Grab your copy of Noel the Mortal Fate for Xbox One and Microsoft Store (PC) today!

This version of the game has been remade for a console experience, with updated UI, story, dialogue, and full HD remastering.

Additional content is now available for consoles!
”Revenger's Vacation”

In this remake, players will be able to take part in a new additional story, Season 3.5! The story takes place between Season 3 , the final episode of the "Burrows Arc", and Season 4, the first episode of the "Jillian Arc", and describes the situation in Lhaplus City.

Noel's days of revenge have taken a toll on her.

So the sharp-eyed devil Caron grants her a seven-day sabbatical.

Take the time to heal Noel's spirit as she dines with Caron in the slums and visits a cat cafe.

As she regains her strength, they decide to pursue a case of a mysterious woman.

Bringing in the latest song from Jin, "Gyakkoudoumei", as the theme song!

Similarly with the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation®4 version of Noel the Mortal Fate, the Microsoft version has a cutscene animation with the theme song that plays after you launch the game. The theme song “Gyakkoudoumei” was written by Jin, who is famous for his work on Kagerou Project. The cutscene animation was directed by Makoto Sanada, author of Angels of Death, and has been quite active in the freeware gaming industry like Kanawo. As a fellow individual game creator, he draws the meaning of the “Gyakkoudoumei” lyrics and expresses his worldview with the various expressive movements.

Product Information

Noel the Mortal Fate
Official HomepageOfficial Twitter |  Microsoft Store |  Official PLAYISM Discord

Developer: Kanawo, Vaka Game Magazine
Publisher: Vaka Game Magazine, PLAYISM
Platform: Xbox One / Xbox Series X|S / Microsoft Store
Release Date: July 26, 2022
MSRP: $24.99 USD
Genre: Adventure
Supported Languages: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese
© KANAWO/Vaka Game Magazine. Licensed to and published by Vaka, Inc./Active Gaming Media, Inc.

*Microsoft, Windows, Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and the Xbox logos are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies and are used under license from Microsoft.

About the creator

Kanawo is a game creator and handles everything from scenario writing and illustrations to music compositions. After its release as a free game in May 2015, his title Blank Dream received several awards at NicoNico Indies Game Fest 5 held in July of the same year, and was released as a novel the following year. Noel the Mortal Fate has been serialized in Game Magazine since April 2016. Garnering significant popularity, the comic version has sold over 250,000 copies, and Kanawo's own drama CD has also reached hit status. Starting from December 2021, he is also developing a game serialization of Sanrio's new content Maimaimaigoen. 

Vaka Game Magazine

Vaka Game Magazine is a video game publisher that provides a place for creators and developers to publish, promote, and market their works in serialized form on the internet. The publisher also provides support for novelization, manga, merchandise, animation, mobile apps, and in recent years has even held their own award shows. Their famous works include, Angels of Death, which was made into an anime, Noel the Mortal Fate, The Case Book of Arne, and the Tsugunohi Series.
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