SUBWAY MIDNIGHT - Nintendo Switch version is now available! Lizz Doll giveaway contest is also being held!!!

SUBWAY MIDNIGHT - Nintendo Switch version is now available! Lizz Doll giveaway contest is also being held!!!

PLAYISM is pleased to announce the Nintendo Switch release of horror adventure SUBWAY MIDNIGHT, developed by solo game developer Bubby Darkstar. In addition, to commemorate the release of the Switch version, we are holding a campaign to win a stuffed toy of the main character Lizz.

Lizz who is 2D in game has been transformed into a felt plushie that retains the characters cuteness!

Enjoy Lizz and other characters in our newest release SUBWAY MIDNIGHT

Game Overview

A haunted-house style spookycute walking simulator set on a ghost-infested train from developer Bubby Darkstar! You play as Lizzbeth, a weird girl on an even weirder train.

There's a creep stalking you, the train isn't stopping anytime soon, and your only option is to keep moving forward (and not die)...

In this whimsical, colorful, and downright creepy indie horror game, the player slowly unravels the story in these uniquely hand-crafted train cars. Hang out with ghosts, run away from a weirdo, and try not to become a ghost yourself.

Lizz Stuffed Doll Campaign

This giveaway contest consists of three categories: illustration, in-game screenshot/video, and Youtube video of the game.

You can enter any, or all 3 categories! We will give Lizz dolls to a total of 15 lucky winners! Of course, Bubby Darkstar, the developer and art designer of this game will be on the jury.

Outline of Campaign
March 16th to April 16th
Winners will be announced after April 24th

Original illustration - 7 winners:

Draw an original illustration that represents the charm and spookycute nature of the game.
There is no specification of theme or character, so let's get creative!!!

How to apply
1. Follow the official Twitter accounts of Bubby Darkstar (@bubbydarkstar) and PLAYISM (@playismEN).
2. Post your illustration with the hashtags #SubwayMidnight and #GetLizzPlush.

Switch Album Share Category - 5 winners:
Share gameplay videos and screenshots of scenes that struck you in SUBWAY MIDNIGHT!

How to apply
1. Follow the official Twitter accounts of Bubby Darkstar (@bubbydarkstar) and PLAYISM (@playismEN).
2. Take a photo or video using the Switch's capture function.
3. Select the photo or video to submit from the Switch album and select “Post to Twitter” from the share function.
4. On the post screen, do not delete the hashtags that have already been entered, and post the message with the hashtag #GetLizzPlush.

Youtube Content Creation - 3 winners:
Post a video on YouTube with the theme of SUBWAY MIDNIGHT! The genre of the video is up to you.

How to apply
1. Follow the official Twitter accounts of Bubby Darkstar (@bubbydarkstar) and PLAYISM (@playismEN).
2. Post your video on YouTube, meeting the following requirements:
- Include Nintendo Switch version SUBWAY MIDNIGHT in the title or description.
- Include the official website URL "" in the description.
3. Post on Twitter with the URL of the video page, a message, and the hashtags #SubwayMidnight and #GetLizzPlush.

Notes for Applying:

(1) Entries, submissions, and contributors that meet any of the following criteria will not be considered for judging:
- Obscenity, cruelty, discrimination, slander, etc. that would cause discomfort to third parties.
- Content published prior to the launch of this campaign.
- Content created or captured by someone other than the applicant.
- Content generated by AI technology.
- Video and/or screenshot content of the Steam version of SUBWAY MIDNIGHT.
(2) The copyright of the submitted work and posted content belongs to the entrant, but regardless of whether or not they won an award, all or part of it may be used by PLAYISM, Bubby Darkstar's website, SNS media, or for an event. I agree in advance that it may be exhibited and used in other places.
(3) Multiple submissions are allowed, but only one prize can be awarded per participant.
(4) Results will be posted on the PLAYISM official website and PLAYISM/Bubby Darkstar's official Twitter. Applicants will not be notified individually of the reasons for the screening results.
(5) Winners will be contacted via Twitter direct message, so please check the box to "Allow message requests from all accounts" in your Twitter account settings.
(6) Please note that if we do not receive a reply within 7 days from the date of sending the direct message regarding the award and procedures, etc., the award or award of the product will be cancelled.
(7) The personal information (address, name, phone number) requested from the winner will be destroyed after the prize has been shipped and will not be retained past the prescribed period.
(8) Please understand in advance that the number of awarded points posted may vary depending on the number of candidate works in each category.
(9) For inquiries regarding this campaign, please contact us using the support form (
(10) Only Japanese and English will be used for communication with winners and for campaign inquiry support.

Product Information


Nintendo eShop::
Developer:Bubby Darkstar(
Platform:Nintendo Switch
Release Date:March 16, 2023
Price:10.99 USD
Genre: Horror Adventure
Supported Languages: Japanese, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Korean, English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish (Latin American)
Rights Information:©2023 Bubby Darkstar. All rights reserved. Licensed to and published by Active Gaming Media Inc.


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