Steam Autumn Sale 2023 is Here! Titles up to 80% OFF! From Madness with Love's First Sale!

Steam Autumn Sale 2023 is Here! Titles up to 80% OFF! From Madness with Love's First Sale!

PLAYISM is proud to announce that we are participating in the Steam Autumn Sale 2023 with deals up to 80% OFF!

This year, we have a whole lot of great games on sale, including critically acclaimed titles such as the single-player social deduction game GNOSIA, the ever-changing action game TOKOYO: The Tower of Perpetuity, and the language-decoding visual novel 7 Days to End with You, which all have "Overwhelmingly Positive" ratings on Steam!

Of course, newer titles that just came out earlier this year, such as the farming/village-building/management simulation game Drago Noka and grappling metroidvania Rusted Moss, are also on sale!

What's more, it's From Madness with Love's first sale since launch! This crazy and incomprehensible dating sim is at 20% OFF for the first time!

Steam Autumn Sale 2023 Duration: November 21st 10am (PST) to November 28th 10am (PST)

※For a complete list of all PLAYISM titles on sale, please visit our publisher page.

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TOKOYO: The Tower of Perpetuity - 30% OFF

Fight your way through a constantly changing tower to solidify your eternal legacy among players around the globe.

You find yourself trapped in a mysterious tower—one that transforms its very structure every 24 hours.

The legacy of your epic struggle shall be carved into the hearts of those who challenge you like an epitaph (on the leaderboard). Surpass countless poor fallen souls (other players) and make your way to the heretofore unseen top!

Journey to the top and unravel the mystery hidden within the tower.

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You are on a spaceship drifting through space.

Among the crew are a mysterious and deadly threat known as the "Gnosia", who disguise themselves as humans while attacking and eliminating one crew member every night. The crew formulates a desperate plan for survival, in which the most suspicious among them will be put into "cold sleep" one by one, in an effort to rid the ship of Gnosia.

As the player, you can be on either side—human or Gnosia. as a human, your goal would be to find all of the Gnosia and vote to put them all into cold sleep. As a Gnosia, your goal would be to eliminate crew members every night, until the Gnosia outnumber the humans.

You will have to repeat short and sweet games of "space werewolf" over and over to progress the story by discovering bits and pieces of information over many loops. Each loop is different, and there are as many possibilities as there are players, and no two players will have the exact same journey.

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7 Days to End with You - 20% OFF

To know a language, know the world, and finally know you.

You don't know a single word in the language of this world.
Deduce the meanings of words the person before you uses to communicate with you.
Then try to understand them like a puzzle, one piece at a time.
You are free to perceive the meaning of the words you read.

The relationship between the two characters is built on the words you interpret.
And their story is also built on the words you interpret.

Their world changes according to your understanding.
Maybe their story is a short, ordinary story, or maybe it's a long, peculiar story.
Or both stories could exist at the same time. There's nothing wrong with that.

The story is only complete with your interpretation.
So certainly, every story your interpretation results in is correct.
Even if you don't understand the story at first, you have the opportunity to repeat it over and over again.

This is a short and long story, of only seven days.

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Drago Noka - 30% OFF

Freely manage your village atop the back of a dragon
The surface is overrun with huge giants and dangerous pests, leaving an uninhabitable world in their quake. Humans have nowhere to live on the surface, and so... they live on the backs on dragons! Develop your very own village, gather various materials, and create new items with your very own hands.

Invite new villagers with various skill sets
Recruit and settle in new villagers with unique skills and personalities. Befriend them, work together, and build together. Someday, you may even start a family of your own!

Live a busy but carefree life
Take on many different jobs like farming, blacksmithing, fishing, sewing, cooking, synthesizing, and raising farm animals! Create the village you desire while taking care of your villagers’ needs.

Prepare for battle with other dragons
As peaceful as village life is, one must be prepared for the fight ahead as your dragon is not the only dragon in this world... Other dragons also roam the land, and one day, you might need to fight them head-on. Be prepared!

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Rusted Moss - 30% OFF

This Metroidvania has a physics-based grapple!
This metroidvania utilizes your grapple and weapons with a full 360° aiming system. The freedom created by these controls creates a smooth experience for users to feel in complete control of their character. Find creative solutions to flexible traversal challenges, and blast away witches and machinery with precise aiming.

Now for the hook...
The grappling hook is hard to learn yet rewarding to master. Use kinetic momentum to propel your character forward. Latch onto any moss covered structure and swing your way through this rugged terrain.

Guns, guns, guns
No more aiming in just 8 directions. As a twin-stick shooter, Rusted Moss emphasizes tight and precise gunplay. Quickly switch between your arsenal of weapons to best suit your playstyle and situation.

Boss fights!
From powerful witches to machine monstrosities, each boss fight throws its own unique challenge at you. Dodge swords, avoid energy fields, and blast away at conjured spiders.

Level Editor
Challenge yourself (and others) and explore the creative side of Grapplevanias with endless designs and possibilities! You can also upload your custom levels using Steam Workshop and play levels created by other players.

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From Madness with Love - 20% OFF

The dating sim with guys you will never be on the same page with.

For some reason, you just can't communicate with the guy you like... An unusual yet extraordinary experience with a cute pixel art style, fully voiced in Japanese.

You are the main character, a simple high school sophomore. However, last year your high school was bombed by terrorists, so you were transferred to the closest school to your home—a private school for rich kids.

Spend a year of school life with four guys and make choices to build up your relationship with the guy you like! Will you be able to have a happy ending with the guy you love?

The four candidates are: Saeki Yuusuke, a bright, mischievous, good-looking, flirtatious blond guy in the same class as you; Arakawa Shuuji, the sexy school nurse who rarely opens his eyes fully; Tamura Marshmallow, a mysterious cute boy who looks younger than you; and Aorta, your senior and the student council president with pale skin.

Get to know them in all sorts of regular seasonal events such as club activities, the sports festival, the summer festival, the New Year, the eel-launching rally, and Valentine's Day. Each character will bring you down a different route with their own ending, but if you spread yourself too thin, you might risk not being all that special to anyone at all...!

This game contains strong language, sensitive topics, violence, horror, unreasonable scenarios, intelligible nonsense, and very loud noises. Please proceed with caution.

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※For a complete list of all PLAYISM titles on sale, please visit our publisher page.


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