The Immersive Urban Legend Thriller—Urban Legend Hunters 2: Double Coming to Steam, Google Play, and App Store in Spring 2024!

The Immersive Urban Legend Thriller—Urban Legend Hunters 2: Double Coming to Steam, Google Play, and App Store in Spring 2024!

PLAYISM is proud to announce that Urban Legend Hunters 2: Double, an immersive adventure game by indie developer Toii Games, will receive English and Japanese localizations and release for Steam, Google Play, and the App Store in Spring 2024!
The Steam page has already launched, so feel free to wishlist the game to stay updated on any upcoming news!

About the Game

Urban Legend Hunters 2: Double is an adventure game based on Taiwanese urban legends, and has received several awards since its original release, such as the Asia XR Golden Award 2023 (AMD Special Award Winner), Taipei Game Show 2022 BEST INNOVATION (Nomination), and Google Play TW App Store TW 2023 (Editor Featured).

Spinoffs of the series such as the comic Urban Legend Scout: Newborn Spirits and the light novel Urban Legend Scout: The Mysterious Author have also received critical acclaim, and the series has even gotten film adaptations.

This time, PLAYISM is working with Toii Games to localize Urban Legend Hunters 2: Double into English and Japanese and release the game on Steam to share the game with many more players!

Game Introduction

"Have you heard of the urban legend called the double?"

If you meet someone that looks exactly like you, one of you will be entirely replaced by the other. Your "double" will inherit all of your memories and live your life without anyone else noticing... But the world is so wide—how do you know that you're not actually someone else's double? Are you really... you?


A few years after the events in the first Urban Legend Hunters, the disappearance of a popular internet show host and influencer Chris became a hot topic on the internet. You, an outsider clueless about the incident, meet Rain, Shou, and Tangtang, who claim to be members of Chris' channel, on a messaging app. They suspect that Chris' disappearance has to do with the urban legend of the "double", as well as the Urban Legend Hunters community. They ask you to join in their search for Chris, and the more you investigate and the more clues you gather, the closer you get to seeing the full picture of what really happened...

Game Features

  • Real actors paired with virtual landscapes combine the real and unreal to transport you to a mysterious and unsettling alternate dimension
  • Text messages and voice calls that create an immersive game experience
  • Unique exploration mechanics that make you feel you're really there in the alternate dimensions
  • A rich story filled with suspense and intrigue
  • A wide variety of puzzles waiting to be solved
  • Builds on the series tradition of Urban Legend Hunters and expands on the "modern culture-bound syndrome" phenomenon
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    Product Information

    Urban Legend Hunters 2: Double

    Steam Page | PLAYISM Page

    ■ Genre: Adventure
    ■ Platforms: Steam, Google Play, App Store
    ■ Release Date: Spring 2024
    ■ MSRP: TBD
    ■ No. of Players: 1
    ■ Supported Languages: English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese
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