Flip Your Opponents to Win! Fight Crab 2 Out Now in Steam Early Access!

Flip Your Opponents to Win! Fight Crab 2 Out Now in Steam Early Access!

PLAYISM is proud to announce that Fight Crab 2, the long-awaited sequel to Fight Crab, the legendary crustacean wrestling action game by Calappa Games, has entered Early Access on Steam from February 13, 2024!

About the Game

In Fight Crab 2, you flip your opponents on their backs to win in crustacean wrestling action! This is the long-awaited sequel to Fight Crab. The sequel features the brand new Career Mode where you raise your very own crab, and crabs you've raised can be used in online multiplayer to fight against other crabs from all over the world.

Fight Crab 2 also builds upon Fight Crab's control scheme by adding the "Modern" control option, which is closer to a typical third-person action game. Live commentary is also broadcast over every game as an extra way to keep players on the same page. Crabs can also now learn skills that let them perform certain actions automatically. All of these help make Fight Crab 2 easier to learn and play.

Game Features

Play Career Mode by Yourself...

Raise a crab however you want and grow alongside it as you fight to the top of the Crab League in the singleplayer Career Mode. You can play ranked matches to climb up the League ranks, exhibition matches against all sorts of funky foes, or become the center of attention in event battles! Once a crab's career is over, it can pass on its skills onto the next crab you raise, or be pitched against other crabs raised by players around the world in online matches. Check out other players' crabs from the rankings and fight against them in Battle Simulation to learn from them and hone your claws.

...Or Play Multiplayer with Friends!

Fight against players one-on-one in serious ranked matches, or have some casual fun in, you guessed it, casual matches. Fight alongside an ally to defeat powerful foes or beat time limits in challenges, or mess around with friends in room matches that you can lock with passwords and set custom rules for. You can play other modes while waiting for players in another with background matchmaking!

Customize Your Human

The humans can be customized with cool colors and gnarly gear, but also by loading in VRM files or connecting to VRoid Hub. Your rider can be anyone. Anything. Support your crab with style!
※The game must be connected to VRoid Hub in order to display custom avatars in online matches.

Maki Shione, the Crab Farmer

Introducing Maki Shione, the crab farmer who will support players in their crab-raising journey in Career Mode. Her character design is by Kotetsu Kishida (@KIN_G_OF_KINGS). She’ll show up in 3D in the game, and she can’t wait to meet you all!

Product Information

Steam | Official Page

■ Title: Fight Crab 2
■ Developer: Calappa Games
■ Publisher: PLAYISM
■ Genre: Crustacean Combat Action
■ Platform: PC (Steam)
■ Release Date: February 13, 2024 (Early Access)
■ No. of Players: 1-5
■ Supported Languages: English, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese

© Calappa Games. All rights reserved. Licensed to and published by Active Gaming Media Inc.


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