Umurangi Generation VR Out Now for Meta Quest and PSVR2 (Non-VR Version Also Available for PS4/5)

Umurangi Generation VR Out Now for Meta Quest and PSVR2 (Non-VR Version Also Available for PS4/5)

PLAYISM is proud to announce the release of Umurangi Generation VR, the VR version of the first-person photography action game by solo developer ORIGAME DIGITAL, for the Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro, and PlayStation®VR2 on April 18, 2024.

A non-VR version has also made its debut on the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 on the same day.

About the Game

Umurangi Generation is an award-winning first-person photography game set in the retro future.

Tauranga, Aotearoa finds itself off the back of an impending crisis. Major cities are walled off, fighter jets are beaming overhead, and everyday life is serenaded with the sound of incessant gunfire...

Despite all that, life goes on. People drag themselves to work, party hard to escape the realities of their lives, and complain about the government all day.

As a courier for the Tauranga Express with a passion for photography, you're afforded the freedom to travel around Tauranga. Through the lens of your camera, document the daily lives of Tauranga's residents, as well as the impending doom they find themselves face to face with, all the while completing Photo Bounties to make a living.

Be transported to the heart of Tauranga in a newly rebuilt VR form, explore every nook and cranny, and interact with anything you see with intuitive controls. Take inspiration from the world around you and unleash your creativity in photography in ways only possible with VR. Your presence in the game world will in no doubt leave you with a feeling of immersion greater than ever before.

The non-VR version of the game will also be debuting on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on the same day and comes with the Speedrun and Creative Modes featured in the already-released Nintendo Switch version.

※Speedrun Mode and Creative Mode are not available in the VR versions.

Standard Lens

Telephoto Lens

Wide Angle Lens

Fish Eye Lens

Sports Lens

Ultra Wide Lens

Box Lens

Cartridge Lens

Game Overview

Limitless Creativity

Each level sets you a list of objectives called "Photo Bounties". Snap away to complete all Photo Bounties and utilize the extensive range of tools to edit and develop your photos.

While each photograph is graded based on content, color, and composition, the game puts a strong emphasis on the freedom of creativity. There are no set rules on what makes a photograph good or bad. Instead, players are encouraged to explore their creative sides and express themselves freely through their photos.

Developer Naphtali Faulkner explained that the games central focus on creativity is part of its core design philosophy. "The moment you tell players what is or isn’t a good photo, this will condition players to take photos in a prescribed way. You cannot punish creativity. In this game the objectives can be completed in thousands of different ways. From looking at gameplay footage, players are finding creative ways of taking a Photo Bounty that I never could have imagined."

Themes and Inspirations

One of the main inspirations of Umurangi Generation is Faulkner's experiences with the real-life bushfires in Australia. The roaring fires that painted the skies red were seen to him as a dystopian omen of the destruction the earth was experiencing, juxtaposed by the news and politicians brushing off the situation as the "New Normal". And thus, Umurangi—the Te Reo word for Red Sky—became an important theme of the game.

The visual design and gameplay of the game were inspired by classics such as Jet Set Radio and Pokémon Snap, making it a must-play for photography enthusiasts and fans of the retro PS2 style. However, with the freedom to explore your creativity and express yourselves, the game also represents a fantastic entry point into photography for players who are new or are interested in taking up the hobby.

The music is composed by ThorHighHeels, who was inspired by Hideki Naganuma, the composer for the Jet Set Radio series.

Awards & Nominations

Since it burst onto the gaming scene on PC, Umurangi Generation's unique design sensitivities, worldbuilding, and messages have made it the proud recipient of several prestigious awards and nominations, including:

■ 23rd Annual IGF Awards – Seumas McNally Grand Prize
■ 23rd Annual IGF Awards – Excellence in Narrative Winner
■ 23rd Annual IGF Awards – Nuovo Award Nominee
■ 23rd Annual IGF Awards – Excellence in Visual Art Honorable Mention
■ 24th Japan Media Arts Festival – New Face Award
■ 2021 Indie Play – Best Overseas Game Nominee

Product Information

Umurangi Generation VR

Meta Store | PlayStation Store | PLAYISM Page

■ Publisher: PLAYISM
■ Genre: First Person Photography Action
■ Platforms (VR): Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro, PlayStation®VR2
■ Platforms (Non-VR): PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5
■ Release Date: April 18, 2024
■ MSRP: $24.99
■ No. of Players: 1
■ Supported Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Korean, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Māori

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