The Use of Life - Misha Route Final Chapter Out Now!

The Use of Life - Misha Route Final Chapter Out Now!

PLAYISM is proud to announce that the newest chapter update for The Use of Life, a multi-ending adventure book style RPG by solo developer Daraneko currently in Early Access, is now available!

The final chapter of the route where you accompany Misha has been added to the game on May 23, 2024.

Misha Route Final Chapter Update

In The Use of Life, your choices are very important. The story splits into two huge branches depending on your choices (that you can't walk back on!) at the start of Chapter 2, and the route where you choose to accompany Misha is currently available up to Chapter 4.

In Chapter 4, the results of many of the choices you've made along the way determine Goshe's "use of life", bringing us to the final branching path of this route. Each ending has a formidable final foe for Goshe—and the player—to overcome in order to witness the end of the story.

■ Misha Route - The Final Chapter

Will you desire revenge even if it means giving up your life? Or will you be willing to give up your powers in order to continue living with Misha?

The story branches from the choice made in Chapter 4. What conclusion will your choices lead Goshe?

One choice has you fight with the ultimate strength gained in the previous chapters, and the other has you scramble for survival as a regular Rabbitfolk. Play multiple playthroughs to fully experience two entirely different final boss fights.

Furthermore, once you have seen the story to its end, an extra post-game feature will be unlocked, where you can view character profiles and portraits.

About the Game

The Use of Life is a multi-ending adventure book style RPG by the Japanese solo developer Daraneko.

A Story Influenced by Your Use of Life

In this game, your choices as the player will influence Goshe, the main character, as well as his thoughts and various attachments in life, represented by flames. Whether Goshe uses his life for his own selfish purposes or sacrifices himself to help others is entirely up to you.

The endings of this game are simply the conclusions of the various ways of life, and there are no "Good" or "Bad" endings.

Adventure Book Style Events

Events in this game are narrated in an adventure book style, and some events come with TRPG-esque dice rolls that determine the event's outcome. The same event will play out differently depending on your choices and the dice roll results.

You can choose to proceed cautiously and choose the safest options, or bravely throw yourself into every opportunity for battle you come across—it's all up to you, and your actions will affect Goshe's personality.

Tense Battles that Balance Stasis and Action

The Use of Life features unique battles that combine the strategy of a turn-based battle system with the quick reflexes and action of a QTE system.

Each turn, both you and your enemy get to choose 3 actions, which you then take turns to perform. How will you deal with the enemy's upcoming flurry of attacks? How will you time your own attacks to deal the most damage? Your skill and strategy will determine the outcome of battle.

Even if you can't defeat an enemy, the game is designed so that you will gradually figure out how to deal with them and win. Boss battles are especially tense, where you frequently have to toe the line between life and death, and we strive to deliver the highest satisfaction you can possibly get after defeating a strong enemy.

Product Information

The Use of Life

※A trailer for the final chapter will be released on a later date

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■ Developer: Daraneko Games
■ Publisher: PLAYISM
■ Genre: Multi-Ending Adventure Book Style RPG
■ Platform: Steam
■ Release Date: Now Available in Early Access
■ MSRP: $17.99
■ No. of Players: 1
■ Supported Languages: Japanese, English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese

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