The Cyberpunk Metroidvania Blade Chimera is Coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam in August 2024! New Gameplay Trailer Out Now!

The Cyberpunk Metroidvania Blade Chimera is Coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam in August 2024! New Gameplay Trailer Out Now!

PLAYISM and WSS playground (under Why so serious, Inc.) are proud to announce that Blade Chimera, the cyberpunk metroidvania by the developer Team Ladybug, will release for Steam and the Nintendo Switch in August 2024.

A brand new trailer that features new gameplay footage has also been revealed!

Game Overview

When the past catches up to you in various forms, desolation becomes strength.

Blade Chimera is a brand new original metroidvania by Team Ladybug, the team behind the critically acclaimed 2D metroidvanias Touhou Luna Nights, the Touhou Project fan game which has sold over 500,000 copies, and the Record of Lodoss War fan game Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-.

In Blade Chimera, the demon Lux transforms into your trusty weapon—the Lumina Sword, which you will have to use to interfere with the past, create new platforms, and shield yourself from danger to explore a desolate world.

Other than the Lumina Sword, you will also have access to other weapons such as swift daggers and long-range guns. Find the perfect weapons to suit your fighting style.

This game features a skill tree system. Upon leveling up, you will receive points that can be spent on unlocking skills that will aid you on your journey.

The whole game is depicted in Team Ladybug's critically acclaimed gorgeously animated pixel art, in which each and every frame of every gunshot is painstakingly detailed. Feast your eyes on the harsh yet beautiful dystopian cyberpunk world.

Release Delayed to August 2024 - Joining Steam Next Fest in June!

Blade Chimera was originally planned to release in Spring 2024, but in order to further polish the game and improve on its quality, the release date has been postponed to August 2024. The game is chock-full of story and gameplay content alike, and Team Ladybug's signature pixel art is being further refined. We're terribly sorry for the delay, but we hope the improved Blade Chimera will be high-quality and be able to entertain a wide audience.

The newly released trailer showcases many new boss battles and gimmicks, all painstakingly designed by Team Ladybug. It offers a sneak peek into the world of the game... but in order to let more players get their hands on the actual game experience, Blade Chimera will be joining Steam Next Fest in June (next month!) with a public demo. Please check out the demo too when it releases!

About the Game

Play as Shin, a Demon Hunter who has lost his memories and is now exploring the world together with his sword—the transformed Lumina demon Lux—recollecting memories about yourself, your missing wife, and skills you've forgotten.

Each time you recollect a lost skill, Lux changes form according to the will of her wielder, making Shin stronger and granting access to more areas of the world.

■ The Story

The game takes place in the near future, where warped monsters and ghouls have appeared from nowhere, swarming cities and forcing humans to battle against these creatures they've termed "demons" in an all-out Demon War. After 30 merciless years of war, the surviving humans have banded together under the Missa Association, a religious group formed by a leader who knows the secret to fighting the demons. Cities and civilizations continue to thrive despite the now regular sightings of bizarre monsters.

Three years ago, a man known as Shin was rescued from among the rubble in a cryopreserved state. With no recollection of his past, he quickly becomes one of the association's best warriors and protectors.

However, when Shin comes across the brilliantly beautiful demon named Lux, she feels strangely familiar. This sensation of deja vu leads him to take her in, even if it means going against the creeds of the association.

From that very instant, the past begins to slowly unfold, revealing the events that caused the city to take on its current form...

Product Information

Blade Chimera

Steam Page | PLAYISM Page

■ Developer: Team Ladybug, WSS playground
■ Publisher: WSS playground, PLAYISM
■ Genre: Metroidvania (Exploration-Based Action)
■ Platforms: Steam, Nintendo Switch
■ Release Date: August 2024
■ Supported Languages: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese (additional languages TBD)

© Team Ladybug・WSS Playground. All rights reserved. Licensed and Published by Active Gaming Media Inc.


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