INDIE Live Expo 2024 - Publisher Selection Details

INDIE Live Expo 2024 - Publisher Selection Details

Here is a list of all the titles that were featured on Indie Live Expo 2024, the largest indie game online showcase, on May 25, 2024.

We have made announcements for games that will release this year as well as newly revealed release dates, so please give it a look!

Rusted Moss

Console release and major update coming to Steam on the same day, June 20, 2024!

PLAYISM Page | Steam Page


Coming to Steam and consoles on July 18, 2024!

Steam Page

Maid Cafe on Electric Street

A new trailer has been revealed for the leisurely maid cafe adventure developed by Adventurer's Tavern, planned to release in Summer 2024!

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The Use of Life

Players' choices determine Goshe's use of life and which branching paths he follows. In this update, the Misha route finally reaches its conclusion!

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The Detective Reaper Invites

The roguelite deduction adventure game The Detective Reaper Invites released on Steam today, May 25, 2024. Put your wits to the test and solve as many cases as you can!

PLAYISM Page | Steam Page

The Star Named EOS

The narrative puzzle adventure game The Star Named EOS will release in Summer 2024 for the PC on Steam and GOG, and for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®5, and Xbox Series X|S.

A new fully voiced demo featuring the voices of Suzie Yeung (English), Yuki Aoi (Japanese), and Shandy Ma (Chinese) is now available.

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