Blade Chimera and Maid Cafe on Electric Street Demos Coming to Steam Next Fest!

PLAYISM is proud to announce that we will be participating in Steam Next Fest.

We will be participating with Blade Chimera, the newest metroidvania by Team Ladybug co-published by PLAYISM and WSS playground (under Why so serious, Inc.), and Maid Cafe on Electric Street, a leisurely maid cafe adventure by Shanghai developer Adventurer's Tavern, each with a playable demo. Head to their Steam pages now to enjoy the new demos!

Steam Pages: Blade Chimera | Maid Cafe on Electric Street

Blade Chimera - About the Game

Play as Shin, a Demon Hunter who has lost his memories and is now exploring the world together with his sword—the transformed Lumina demon Lux—recollecting memories about yourself, your missing wife, and skills you've forgotten.

Each time you recollect a lost skill, Lux changes form according to the will of her wielder, making Shin stronger and granting access to more areas of the world.

■ Game Features

In Blade Chimera, the demon Lux transforms into your trusty weapon—the Lumina Sword, which you will have to use to interfere with the past, create new platforms, and shield yourself from danger to explore a desolate world.

Other than the Lumina Sword, you will also have access to other weapons such as swift daggers and long-range guns. Find the perfect weapons to suit your fighting style.

This game features a skill tree system. Upon leveling up, you will receive points that can be spent on unlocking skills that will aid you on your journey.

■ The Story

The game takes place in the near future, where warped monsters and ghouls have appeared from nowhere, swarming cities and forcing humans to battle against these creatures they've termed "demons" in an all-out Demon War. After 30 merciless years of war, the surviving humans have banded together under the Missa Association, a religious group formed by a leader who knows the secret to fighting the demons. Cities and civilizations continue to thrive despite the now regular sightings of bizarre monsters.

Three years ago, a man known as Shin was rescued from among the rubble in a cryopreserved state. With no recollection of his past, he quickly becomes one of the association's best warriors and protectors.

However, when Shin comes across the brilliantly beautiful demon named Lux, she feels strangely familiar. This sensation of deja vu leads him to take her in, even if it means going against the creeds of the association.

From that very instant, the past begins to slowly unfold, revealing the events that caused the city to take on its current form...

■ Steam Next Fest Demo

The Steam Next Fest demo features the beginning section of the game, where the demon hunter Shin meets the amnesiac demon Lux who transforms into the Lumina Sword, and Shin learns how to use Lux's powers to his advantage.

The game is set to release in August 2024, so please add the game to your wishlist!

Product Information

Steam Page | PLAYISM Page | Announcement Trailer

■ Developer: Team Ladybug, WSS playground
■ Publisher: WSS playground, PLAYISM
■ Genre: Metroidvania (Exploration-Based Action)
■ Platforms: Steam, Nintendo Switch
■ Release Date: August 2024
■ Supported Languages: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese (additional languages TBD)

© Team Ladybug・WSS Playground. All rights reserved. Licensed and Published by Active Gaming Media Inc.

Maid Cafe on Electric Street - About the Game

Maid Cafe on Electric Street is a leisurely maid cafe adventure set in the otaku haven of Nipponbashi, Osaka.

The protagonist of our story quits his job at an extremely toxic workplace and finds himself at a run-down maid cafe tucked away in a quiet part of Nipponbashi. There, he meets the maid Shiro. One thing leads to another, and he eventually gets appointed as the temporary cafe manager and put in charge of the management of the maid cafe. As the new manager, his first task is to scout cute girls to work at the cafe. Time to explore Nipponbashi and all the otaku stuff it has to offer!

  • Get to know the four unique main girls: Shiro, Miyu, Favna, and Honoka, all voiced.
  • Immerse yourself in lighthearted stories about everyday life with the cute maids.
  • Enjoy the modern and gorgeous pixel art graphics depicting even the finest details, including the meat buns next to the convenience store cashier and the figures on the shelves of an anime shop.
  • Go on fun dates at Nipponbashi, from anime shops to arcades to the cinema!

■ The Maids of Fuwa Fuwa Cafe


A maid who loves Fuwa Fuwa Cafe. A huge otaku for anime and video games, she talks really fast when she’s gushing about the things she loves, and often splurges on merch without thinking whenever she visits an anime shop. A little clumsy, but works hard every day to become the cute maid she’s always wanted to be.

"Um, please be the new manager of the cafe!"


A game otaku and gyaru with a big appetite. Loves both eating and cooking, and apparently really enjoys serving her cooking to customers at Fuwa Fuwa Cafe. Is actually Shiro's friend on the online game Magic Angel, so they knew each other before actually meeting in real life.

"Hey Mr. Manager, thanks a bunch for hanging out with me today~☆"


A mysterious girl dressed in gothic Lolita fashion. Speaks in riddles and demands the protagonist become her familiar. She sometimes accidentally drops the edgy act when she's taken by surprise though, so maybe she's just got a serious case of chuunibyou...?

"I am the Slayer of the False God, the Queen of the Kingdom of Darkness, the All-Seeing Oracle, the Guardian of All Dreams—"


A girl with a Kansaiben dialect who works as a shrine maiden at her family shrine. Practically in charge of the shrine, she is reliable and very good at handling money, and has a strong sense of responsibility to boot. On top of that, she's also the only glasses girl at Fuwa Fuwa Cafe!

"Ya want a thrivin' business? That there sounds like a job for our shrine!"

■ Support Your Maids as the Manager!

As the cafe manager, it's your job to allocate work to your maids. Make sure to give the right girl the right job! For example, Shiro is always enthusiastic to serve customers, and Miyu is great in the kitchen.

Of course, you can't just sit there while they work. During opening hours, you'll also have to make coffee and help out on the floor, so it's not as easy as it sounds!

■ The Stunning Sights of Nipponbashi

In order to recreate the atmosphere of the real Nipponbashi, the game features several real stores you can find there, such as Surugaya, Sofmap, Dragon Star, Super Potato, and Karaoke Rainbow, among many others. Don't forget to pay them a visit when you're shopping or taking one of your maids on a date!

■ Collectable Capsule Toys

If you've been to the real Nipponbashi, you'll know that there are capsule vending machines all over the area. In this game, you can also try your hand at collecting your favorite capsule toy series and experience that unique gacha thrill of not knowing what you're getting. As you collect more toys, you can even bring them up in conversations with the girls. Keep cranking those machines until you've collected them all!

Product Information

Steam Page | PLAYISM Page

■ Developer: Adventurer's Tavern
■ Publisher: PLAYISM
■ Genre: Leisurely Maid Cafe Adventure
■ Platforms: Steam (Windows)
■ Release Date: Summer 2024
■ Rating: TBD
■ Supported Languages: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese

© Adventurer's Tavern All rights reserved. Licensed to and published by Active Gaming Media Inc.


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