Steel Sword Story Updated to Steel Sword Story S, New and Old Versions Both Playable

Steel Sword Story Updated to Steel Sword Story S, New and Old Versions Both Playable

PLAYISM is proud to announce that Steel Sword Story, the dark fantasy 2D action game developed by 8bits fanatics originally released on Steam in 2019, has been overhauled and updated to Steel Sword Story S on June 11, 2024.

After this update, both the new and old versions of the game are now playable on Steam. The price of the game has also been raised alongside the release of this update.

Steel Sword Story S - Major Overhaul Update

The classic dark fantasy 2D side-scrolling action game will evolve in the "S" for "Soulslite" update!

Steel Sword Story is a 2D side-scrolling "Soulslite" action game developed in the Pixel Game Maker MV engine, originally released on Steam in 2019. Afterwards, an upgraded version of the game titled "Steel Sword Story S" was released for the Nintendo Switch.

In this newest update, we have added features not in the original or Switch versions, including a "Story Mode" for people who wish to enjoy the story without worrying about the action gameplay, and various balancing adjustments.

Steel Sword Story S has released on Steam in the form of a major update to the base game of Steel Sword Story. After the update, you are still able to choose between Steel Sword Story and Steel Sword Story S from the Steam launcher, so if you're a fan of the original, there's no need to worry.

The developer 8bits fanatic describes the S version like this: it's not quite a Soulslike, but it's an action game that aims to include features found in a Soulslike while also being as intuitive as possible, hence the 'Soulslite' label. The S version has 3 different difficulty levels to select from, so if you think you're up for the challenge, feel free to try the hardest, sweatiest Gamer difficulty.

Furthermore, the S update on Steam has also added Steam-exclusive trading cards and badges. Even if you've already beaten the original or played the game on the Switch, you can still enjoy the newly evolved Steel Sword Story S on Steam.

If you're a Pixel Game Maker MV user, you may already know that the project data for the original Steel Sword Story is included in the game folder. It remains there after the update too, so if you're a Pixel Game Maker MV game developer, you could enjoy Steel Sword Story both as a game and as a project you can always open and reference whenever you want.

■ Pixel Game Maker MV Bundle

Pixel Game Maker MV is also available on Steam, as are many other titles made with it. Buy the PGMMV bundles to get Steel Sword Story S at an even lower price!

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Steel Sword Story S - Changes

◆ New special moves such as Uppercut and Ground Slash!
◆ The map is now twice as big, with brand new areas to explore!
◆ New bosses, new mob enemies, and new items!
◆ New story segments, mainly in the final stage, that reminisce events that happened in the past and reveal truths of the story untold in the original Steel Sword Story.
◆ New Story Mode difficulty for players who might not be good at action games, but still want to enjoy the story until the end.
◆ 60fps for a smoother gameplay experience! (depending on your PC specifications)
◆ Steam trading cards and badges to collect!

Game Overview

■ The Story
With the betrayal of the traitor Rufus, the kingdom is on the verge of destruction.

Enter a former Imperial Knight—a man upon whose shoulders the future of the kingdom was once placed, and who was later banished from the kingdom over false accusations.

Having lost everything—his status, his honor, and the woman he loves—the swordsman Azul faces off against the threat encroaching upon the kingdom with nothing but his rusty, old steel sword...

Get ready for an old-school fantasy side-scroller full of swords and magic!

■ About the Game
Skilfully designed stages and well-balanced difficulty levels that allows all players, from action game veterans to total beginners, to enjoy the game equally. Execute the perfect jump (with varied jump height depending on player input) and use your sword and magic to strike down the numerous foes that stand in your way.

This game fully utilizes the features of Pixel Game Maker MV to craft a truly classic gameplay experience. Defeat enemies to collect gems, which are used to strengthen your character or buy new items.

The game folder includes the Pixel Game Maker MV project data for Steel Sword Story, which you can open to see exactly how the game was made.

The painstakingly rendered pixel art depicts all sorts of characters and creatures in a deceptively small game. The detailed sprites of both friend and foe as well as cinematic music tracks make the adventure all the more memorable and satisfying to complete.

Enjoy a classic story anyone can enjoy and uncover secrets remained untold in the original Steel Sword Story in the newest Steel Sword Story S.

Product Information

Steel Sword Story S

Steam Page | PLAYISM Page

■ Developer: 8bits fanatic
■ Publisher: PLAYISM
■ Genre: 2D Side-Scrolling Action
■ Platform: Steam
■ Update Release Date: June 11, 2024
■ Supported Languages: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese
■ MSRP: $9.99

©8bits fanatics. Licensed to and published by ACTIVE GAMING MEDIA Inc.


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