• (日本語) Break Arts 2
  • (日本語) Break Arts 2 ロボットカスタマイズ
  • (日本語) Break Arts 2 オリジナルロボット
  • (日本語) Break Arts 2
  • (日本語) Break Arts 2 レース画面
  • (日本語) Break Arts 2 破壊
  • (日本語) Break Arts 2
  • (日本語) Break Arts 2

Be artistic, be destructive.

Smartphone app BREAK ARTS is making its way to PC!
This version boasts further improved graphics and a whole new game system.

Digital Games

Game introduction

Faster than anyone. Stronger than anyone.

Customize your robot for “cyber battle racing” in a game that offers all the thrills of racing, battle, and customization.
Online, Offline, Time-Attack... which mode will you dominate?!

Mind-boggling Customization

The biggest change from the previous game is the amazingly deep level of robot and weapon customization. Assemble your robot from a range of parts―each with their own abilities―allowing for virtually unlimited possibilities in customization!
Some robot parts can fold and unfold, come apart, and rotate, so you can build your dream machine any way you like!
Create the most awesome robot you can imagine and bask in the glory as you pilot it to victory.


  • Beautiful visual design
  • Horizontal boosting - a total game-changer!
  • Strike the pose of your liking on the podium after the race
  • We wouldn't dream of leaving out the humor!
  • Listen... if you love robots, then this is absolutely your game!

Digital Games

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