Become one with sound and beauty...

SOUNDART is a rhythm-action game developed for VR.
Pound, swing, thrust... Execute a wide variety of stick motions with crackerjack timing in this VR personification of sensory overload!
Load up your own music and watch as the score is automatically generated right before your eyes as you play.
It also includes a Concert Mode in which players themselves are visually incorporated into the action - a feature perfect for parties or livestreams!
SOUNDART is guaranteed to provide fun and excitement not only for the player wearing the VR helmet, but for everyone in the "audience" as well.

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[Exhilarating Gameplay]
"Pound", "swing", and lavishly "thrust" your heart out.
Tailor your movements to the sound as the music builds and drops.
You have to play the game yourself to fully experience the mind-boggling spectacle of light and sound!

[Infinite Musical Variations]
Load up any MP3, WAV, OGG, or AIFF sound file to automatically generate the "score".
With the option of using any music you like, the SOUNDART soundtrack possibilities are literally endless.
SOUNDART has been designed to draw especially stimulating scores from genres such as rock and pop.

[The Pinnacle of Beauty in Virtual Reality]
Think of SOUNDART as a sort of virtual reality installation art.
Take a trip inside an infinitely colorful kaleidoscope in "Blossom"; dive into the big city club nightlife in "Urban"; satisfy your sweet tooth with the candy-colored and delectable "Sorbet"... Each stage has its own unique themes and aesthetics, forming a constantly transforming palette of sound and fury for you - the artist.

[Fun & Comfortable Exercise]
Get your whole body moving to the rhythm while enjoying your favorite music.
Make SOUNDART a part of your regular exercise routine.
By the time you're ready to play on the higher difficulty levels, you'll be virtually chiseled from marble (...probably).

[Fun to Watch, Fun to Show Off]
Have you ever dreamed of performing your own VR sound and light show in front of a live audience? SOUNDART makes that dream a reality with the realtime "concert" streaming feature!
Show them what you got at parties, livestreams, or wherever you may find yourself playing video games in front of a bunch of people for whatever reason!
Also, in-game avatars are VRM-compatible, allowing you to swap in your favorite characters with ease.

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