Freely customize your own robots to win high-speed matches! With the brand new Co-op Mode and Diorama Mode, this game is a fresh new addition to the series.

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The breathtaking battle racing game has finally broken through the limitations of the race, and has been completely revamped as an all-rounded
robot competitive sports game. Robot customization now has even more freedom and more options than ever!

In destruction, there is beauty.

BREAK ARTS III (BA3 for short) is a ""mech-customizing all-rounded competitive sports"" action game that features the following:

  • Incredibly detailed customization options, where anyone can make their very own unique robots
  • Strategic decisions that challenge you to customize robots suitable for the terrain, environment, and game plan, and also put your skills as a pilot to the test
  • Stunning graphics and a photo mode with all sorts of handy functions

Customization-Centric Gameplay

Enter competitions and earn prize money to unlock blueprints for new modules and machines.

If you're having a hard time defeating your rivals, it's time to customize your robot. Create your very own custom combinations and strategies to tackle every situation, and you'll emerge victorious!

What awaits at the end of all your battles...?



More Rules, More Playstyles

No weapons, only racing. It's as simple as that.
Will you build the most lightweight robot possible, or add every thruster you can to blast across the circuit?

There's no determined race track in Battle Mode. Move around the field freely to fight against your rivals.
You lose points if you get knocked out, so you'll have to avoid your opponents' attacks while taking them down!

Battle Racing:
A sport that combines racing and battling.
You get ranked based on both how well you did in the race, how many rivals you defeated, and how many times you got defeated.

All of these competitions are held in different stages, which all have different terrain, gravity, and climates. It's your job to send out a robot that's fit for the situation.



The Customization Rabbit Hole Deepens

You can create your very own robots by attaching all sorts of modules to the connectors on the base frame.

By using movable joints, you can make all sorts of parts, such as wings that open when your robot moves a certain way.

In addition, you can customize how your robot moves, add optional parts, pick colors for each part, choose the ammo type for your weapons... The ""bottomless rabbit hole"" that the previous games were known for has just gotten even deeper.



Even More Modes

  • A brand new Diorama Mode, where you don't have to worry about your robot's specs and just make it look cool
  • A Score Attack Mode, where you'll have to truly master both customization and piloting techniques
  • A Co-op Mode, where you can have a completely different experience from any other mode that's ever existed...!?

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