Homura Hime

"Homura Hime" is a third person action game, featuring Japanese anime visuals and intense 3D bullet hell gameplay. Alongside Homura Hime, fight against Demon Girls possessed by deviant "emotions", and get closer to discovering the truth of not only the fallen, but also your own veiled legacy.

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Welcome to a world in which where humans and demons coexist. Souls harboring strong emotions and deep regrets at their time of death are transformed into Archdemons. The Archdemons have the power to corrupt logic and reason in the world and contaminate the surrounding environment. Creatures tainted by this demonic power turn into lowly monsters which operate solely on raw instinct.
Faced with the threat to the world posed by five extremely powerful Demon Girls, the Oracle is forced to dispatch Homura Hime - the "Flame Princess" and ultimate demon killer, and Ann, a messenger who has been entrusted with the divine mission of "purifying the world and bringing an end to all evil".

Game Features

Immerse yourself in exhilarating and intense combo attack action

Experience challenging and beautiful 3D "bullet hell" attacks

Take down the demons and discover the truth about this world


There have been reports of Homura Hime being available on and other websites. These are scams, and Homura Hime is currently NOT available for download online, be it a demo or the full version.

These files claiming to be Homura Hime are very likely to contain malware or other viruses. Please take caution and do not click on suspicious links or download these files.

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