The Detective Reaper Invites

Would you like to play a game of deduction?

Before you are the testimonies from the 3 suspects of a murder case.

Among them is a lying murderer...

X: Obviously, the culprit is Y.
Y: I'm not the culprit.
Z: X and I are not the culprit.

Could you quickly tell who the murderer was?

The job of a detective reaper is simple: get testimonies from the suspects, deduce the culprit, and execute them with your own two hands.

Culprits always tell lies, and the innocent always tell the truth.

If you choose incorrectly, you will be deemed unfit to be a detective reaper... and yours will be the next life to be harvested.

This is a roguelite deduction adventure game.

Every murder case you have to solve is randomly generated on a game board, and if you fail (and get a Game Over), you will have to start all over again.

No two cases are entirely the same, and there is no single correct way to proceed.

Rack your brain and expose murderers, one after the other.

How long do you think you can last...?

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Game Features

  • Cards that can help you gain new and crucial testimonies. They cost money though, so keep an eye on your finances!
  • All cases are randomly generated, so no matter how many times you play, every playthrough provides new deductions for you to solve.
  • Brave event tiles and get supportive items as you make your way across the board in order to solve just one more case!
  • See how well (or not) you did on the results screen. Can you grow as a detective reaper and beat your own records?
  • Unlock Hard Mode to pit your detective skills against the clock!

How to Play - Cards and Money

You can use cards to obtain new testimonies, among other things, in order to ensure a successful deduction.

However, cards cost money to play.

If you overuse them and run out of money, you might struggle with a tougher case later.

You can earn money by successfully executing culprits, and bonuses are offered to those who identify culprits efficiently.

Will you use all your cards to make sure you have the right suspect, or will you save up your money for later?

As a detective reaper, it's your responsibility to spend wisely.

You can unlock new cards based on how much money you spend on each run, so you could also spend as much as possible in earlier runs to unlock more cards more quickly.

How to Play - The Board

After solving each case, it's time to decide your next move.

Choose between Deduction, Shop, Treasure, and Random tiles to move forward on the board.

■ Shop
Here is where you purchase items and cards, or pay to recover some HP.

Use the hard-earned money you've saved up from previous deductions to gain an upper hand.

There are also Demerit Cards and cursed items which have detrimental effects... but the shop will pay you to take them off their hands!

■ Treasure
Here, you can open a treasure chest and obtain a random item.

There's a chance the item inside is cursed, though...

■ Random
Who knows what will happen? Test your luck!

■ Deduction
There has been a murder! Find the culprit(s) and execute them.

There are 3 types of deductions: Normal, Difficult, and Arduous, in order of difficulty. The last tile of every stage will always be an Arduous Deduction, so make sure you're prepared to tackle it by then!

After you successfully solve an Arduous Deduction, the detective reaper's story progresses.

Every mistake can be fatal. Solve the cases the best you can to reach the end of the story.

To Content Creators

There are no limitations to streaming or creating video content for this game.
Feel free to show any content, including spoilers for the story.
For more details, please refer to the Streaming Guidelines.

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