The Use of Life

The Use of Life is a “game book”-style multi-ending JRPG. The main character’s various “attachments” fluctuate in accordance with the choices the player makes, and the ending changes depending on “the use of life” you choose through your journey.

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Major update Ver0.3.0:Chapter 3 of the Misha route & Advanced classes added!(Update log)

We are excited to finally release this update on Mar 10,2023!Chapter 3 of the Misha route has been added!This update also introduces advanced classes, such as the Swordmaster and Curseblade, adding even more variety and thrill to the game's unique battle system,so battles will be more exciting than ever!

Update log:

・Fixed a bug where dialogue choices would display the status requirements for the previous set of dialogue choices.
・Fixed a bug where if you used an Incantation Skill and then performed an action that would give you a status icon, Goshe's sprite would get stuck on the Incantation animation.
・Fixed an issue where enemies would take damage from poison while supposedly invincible.
・Changed how enemy set-up actions such as Charge work; previously, there was an extremely small chance that enemies would perform a regular action after a set-up action, but now regular actions will no longer be selected.
2023/04/20 Ver0.3.07

・Fixed an issue where if the Saberworm is Stunned or otherwise unable to perform its next action when underground, it would fail to emerge from the ground, resulting in a stalemate where the player could no longer attack it.
・Fixed an issue where the black borders that appear for a dialogue choice remained on the screen after resting in the Morgana Desert.
・Fixed an issue in the Bandits' Hideout where a dialogue choice that had no skill requirements prompted a skill check.
2023/04/12 Ver0.3.06

◆Added a new experimental difficulty level
・Added an experimental difficulty level where the timing for a perfect dodge randomly changes slightly every time.
◆Added a brief pause before dialogue choices
・Added a brief grace period before dialogue choices are presented. (This change may be reverted depending on player reception)
◆Added the ability to change weapons mid-battle
・Added the ability to swap the equipped weapon mid-battle from the Tech menu.
・Equip a sub-weapon from the menu to swap between the main weapon during battle.
・Players loading an existing save file will find that they have the Blunt Sword equipped. This is totally intentional and definitely not a side-effect of the update.
◆Strengthened the Saberworm
・The Saberworm now has unique Skills and boosted stats.
2023/04/07 Ver0.3.05

◆Adjustments: Black Panther Warrior
・Added the Skill "Night Storm" to the broadsword stance.
・When your starting CP increases during a level up, there will now be a flash to call attention to the change.
◆Visual Adjustments
・The list in the Skill Menu can now display one more Skill during battle.
・Changed "CT" to "Cooldown" in Skill descriptions.
・Adjusted and rebalanced several UI elements.
◆Text Edits
・The previous Skill descriptions for Incantation and Multi-Incantation were outdated. They have been edited to correctly describe their effects. (Incantations do not strengthen Magic.)
・Made minor edits to the English translation.
◆Bug Fixes
・Fixed an issue where you could use non-Iai Sword Skills immediately after failing to unsheathe your sword.
・Fixed an issue where if players triggered movement-related events in the Bandits' Hideout and then immediately quit the game from the menu, the event locations would not be reflected properly.
・Fixed an issue where Goshe's sprite would appear to have his sword unsheathed after players sheathed their sword, used Incantation (and/or Multi-Incantation), and then used an incantation Spell.
・Fixed an issue where certain skill sound effects are still audible even when muted
2023/03/24 Ver0.3.04

◆Adjustments: Elyon
・Lowered SPD.
・Made fine adjustments to the trigger rate of each Skill.
・Full Attack is now fully guardable.
・Slightly lowered the chance of his Skills inflicting Paralysis.
◆Adjustments: Black Panther Warrior
・Raised DEF.
・Strengthened several attacks.
◆Adjustments: Curseblade (Advanced class)
・Added an HP absorption effect to the passive Skill "Growing Grudge".
・Changed the Skill "Vampiric Blade" to "Binding Fang" (A 3-hit attack that costs HP and has a chance of inflicting Paralysis).
・Added the Lv2 passive Skill "Overflowing Life" (Allows you to recover up to 1.25x of max HP, only during battle).
・Added the Lv3 Skill "Brambles of Pain" (Deals 8x the damage you take back to the enemy for one enemy action).
・Moved the Lv3 passive Skill "Adamant" to Lv4.
・Changed the stats that increase upon unlocking Lv2 and Lv4.
・Changed the description of the Skill "Abyss Gate" (The damage you have taken up to that point is added to the power of this Skill).
◆Changed the icon for passive Skills.
◆Text Edits
・Fixed the text that appears after successfully performing a sneak attack on the ambushing guards to show the correct damage value (2000→5000).
・Changed the description of the Easy difficulty.
・Added clarification that players may reset their Skills as many times as they want upon a Game Over.
・Fixed the English description of the Skills "Enchant Thunder", "Growing Grudge", and "Abyss Gate" to correctly describe the effects of the Skills.
◆Bug Fixes
・Fixed an issue where some passive Skills remained active after players did a reset.
・Fixed an issue where the directional prompts for the black panther warrior's skill "Stance [Dancer]" did not show the correct prompt for the consecutive blows.
2023/03/17 Ver0.3.03

・Fixed an issue where after defeating Elyon, the event that occurs behind the door appears to be completed, and players could not interact with the stairs.
・Fixed an issue where if players somehow moved to an undiscovered event, they would become unable to progress further.
・Fixed an issue where if players chose to escape to the ruins during the sandstorm event and rolled a Success, and in the following event rolled a Critical Success, the background would be stuck on the [*]Fixed an issue that caused Goshe's HP to drop to 0 when equipping the Robes of Death at 1 HP.
・Fixed an issue where Iai Slash Lv2 did not properly reflect the special attributes of the player's equipped weapon.

 ※To players whose character disappeared after defeating Elyon and leaving the underground: this update should fix this issue and Goshe should appear again. You will be able to progress by going underground and climbing the stairs back up again.

2023/03/14 Ver0.3.02

・Fixed a bug where if players got a Game Over in the desert and chose "Do-over" to start from the beginning of the desert section, the items received from Misha would disappear from their inventory.
 ※If you have already encountered this bug and lost your items, you will be able to regain them by getting a Game Over and choosing to do-over from the beginning of the desert section again.
 (This is an emergency fix to solve the issue for people who have already encountered it. We will fix the event itself to work as intended by the end of March. Until then, please use the above method to regain your items.)

・Fixed an issue in the underground building where the money, which is supposed to be the second obtainable item, appeared as the third item.
・Adjusted the volume of the sound effect for Cursed Briars.

2023/03/11 Ver0.3.01

・Added Chapter 3 of the Misha route
・Partially implemented advanced classes

・Fixed several bugs
・Made text edits
2023/03/09 Ver0.3.0

Scenarios with changing conclusions in The Use of Life

In this game the main character’s various “attachments” fluctuate in accordance with the choices the player makes, changing the character’s way of thinking. The ending you experience changes depending on “the use of life” you choose through your journey.

Will the main character uses their “life” for their own good, or for the benefit of others? This all depends on the decisions and choices you make as the player. The game’s ending represents the natural conclusion of the way this life was lived, and there is no “good ending” or “bad ending”.

Tense battles based on the theme of “stillness and motion”

The battles in this title are characterized by a fusion of "command-style battle strategy" and "QTE action".

With both sides acting three times per turn, the player must work out "How will I handle the enemy's powerful attacks?", and "How will I execute a devastating blow?" Victory will be determined by your skills and strategies.

This is a game in which even if you aren’t able to defeat an enemy at first, you will learn how to fight them appropriately and win after a few tries. For the boss battles in particular, we aim to create a game where you can overcome the tension of “life or death” and enjoy a sense of accomplishment once you’ve defeated a powerful enemy.

”Game book”-style events

In this game, events proceed with a unique game book-style narration, sometimes using TRPG-like dice rolls to decide outcomes as various events unfold.

Even contents of the same event can change based on the various actions you take, the decisions you make, and their outcomes.

It is up to you as the player to decide whether to play it safe and proceed with caution, or to go full-on and throw yourself into battle with reckless abandon.
These actions will also affect the way the main character thinks.

Character customization

The main character, having acquired power via a certain curse, is able to enhance any skill of his choosing by coming into contact with “death”. The success rate of each event will change depending on which abilities are more honed, which will greatly affect not only battles but also normal events.

Additionally, various skills can be learned by increasing his level and upgrading his class.

・The "Fighter" carves up enemies with pure physical attack power and a high number of moves
・The "Samurai" unleashes unabashed power for fierce critical strikes
・The "Mage" specializes in high-risk, high-reward super-firepower using magical chants
・The "Sorcerer" toys with their opponent by utilizing special attacks such as status ailments
Myriad fighting styles can be utilized depending on the class you choose to upgrade.

A “good new” type of JRPG

While this title is technically a JRPG, we are not aiming for a "good old JRPG" style, but rather a "good 'new' JRPG" style, in hopes of showing that this kind of evolution is absolutely possible.

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