Check out this cute and creepy retro 2D action platformer, Timothy and the Tower of Mu. Available now on Steam!

Check out this cute and creepy retro 2D action platformer, Timothy and the Tower of Mu. Available now on Steam!

This 2020 Pixel Game Maker MV Contest Winner is now available on Steam and is an action precision-platformer full of monsters, traps, and powerful bosses.

From dodging attacks to avoiding traps on narrow platforming, this game demands a level of movement that some may even deem unfair. But through trial and error you learn how to make your movements precise, with the key element of animation canceling for your dash, jump, and slingshot attacks demonstrated below! This shows the difference between full jumps and dashes when they are canceled.

Key Features

  • 10-hour campaign for veterans, 40+ for average gamers
  • A massive tower traversal, 5 challenge biomes, story rich with hidden lore
  • 50+ unique enemies
  • 10 bosses
  • NES-inspired retro graphics with detailed animations
  • Classic action platformer mechanics - easy to learn but hard to master
  • RPG, puzzle, and cooking elements aimed to keep the experience
  • Engaging chiptune-style soundtrack

An unforgivingly difficult blend of action platforming and metroidvania!

Climb to the top of the Tower of Mu, fighting to survive against 10 bosses, 50+ unique enemies, and countless traversal challenges. Meet 10 NPC characters on your journey, delving into the story and lore the world has to offer.
If you’re a hardcore player, attempt to complete the entire game, finding all hidden rooms, feeding all 30 pigs, and even fighting a secret boss. This game has an average playtime of 40+ hours for completionists and it is NOT a journey to be taken light-heartedly.

How long is this game?
Please beware that this title is truly unforgiving and is not for the faint-hearted. This game not only has 5 biomes, but an enormous tower outside of these biomes. There is no telling how long it will truly take, but since there are minimal character upgrades, most improvements will have to come from the player refining their skill. This game is undoubtedly a hardcore platformer. Expect 10 hours for veterans and 40+ for gamers like you and me.

Concept and Gameplay

At its core, Timothy and the Tower of Mu is a retro 2D action platformer geared towards mid and hardcore players. Set in a world that is both cute and creepy, it combines old-school gameplay and classic humor with modern elements such as a cooking system and fourth wall breaks.

Timothy, our protagonist, starts off with a very basic set of abilities, which players can only slightly improve throughout his adventure to the top of the tower. The game is designed in a way to force players to use the environment as well as their developed cunning, to overcome the many challenges presented. Players are encouraged to improve themselves, learn from mistakes, and retry multiple times for which altogether makes for a fulfilling experience.

Product Information

Timothy and the Tower of Mu
■ Developer:Kibou Entertainment
■ Publisher:PLAYISM
■ Platform:Steam
■ Release Date:August 9, 2022
■ MSRP:$11.99 USD
■ Supported Languages:Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese
■ Genre:2D Action

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