Refind Self: The Personality Test Game is coming to Steam, Google Play, and App Store on November 14!

Refind Self: The Personality Test Game is coming to Steam, Google Play, and App Store on November 14!

PLAYISM is proud to announce that Refind Self: The Personality Test Game, a new adventure game by solo indie developer Lizardry, is coming to Steam, Google Play, and App Store on November 14, 2023 12:00 am PT!

About the Game

Games can really show one's personality, don't you think?

All players approach games in varied ways, making different choices. No one ever plays in exactly the same way. Indeed, how a person plays can be an indicator of their personality.

By way of a simple exploration-based adventure about the story of an android, this data-science game analyzes your actions to estimate your personality and even compare it with other players.

◆Official Trailer:

Sneak Peek at the Comparison Feature

By comparing your results with someone, you may be able to better understand what kind of personality lies within.

There are three ways to compare your results.
① Compare with someone
By entering two results IDs, you can compare personalities, actions taken, and behavioral synchronization rates. The personality comparison screen also has a field for players to enter their names which can then be used for sharing on social media.

② Compare with many others
You can enter up to 7 results IDs, including yourself, and compare the 5 personalities at a glance. You can also use the memo function here as well so players can easily compare the multiple personalities.

③ Compare with random
Lastly, you can compare your results with another randomly selected player. Who knows, you may find someone whose actions are highly synchronized with your own, or conversely, you may find someone whose behavior is quite different.

Gameplay screenshots

About the Developer - Lizardry

After working as a director at a social-network game company, Lizardry went indie and became a solo indie game creator.

His first one-time-purchase commercial game, 7 Days to End with You received great critical acclaim, getting 2nd place for the Game Designer Award in the Japan Game Awards 2022. It was also featured on many popular video game streaming channels, and the Let's Play video posted by Yuru Gengogaku Channel received the Grand Prize for the Indie Game Let's Play Awards.

Lizardry gives shape to unique and original ideas with the freedom that only comes with being a solo developer, and aims to make games that are unlike any other.

Refind Self: The Personality Test Gameis one such game based on the age-old question: Can games really show one's personality? This game sets out to answer this question by turning it into a full-fledged game.

Refind Self: The Personality Test Game

PLAYISM Game Page | Steam

■Genre: Adventure-Type Personality Test
■Platforms: Steam(Windows) / Google Play / App Store
■Release Date: November 14, 2023
■MSRP: Steam $7.99|Google Play/App Store $3.99
■Rating: IARC 3+
■Supported Languages: English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean
■Developer: Lizardry
■Publisher: PLAYISM

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