The Roguelite Deduction Adventure - The Detective Reaper Invites Now on Steam!

The Roguelite Deduction Adventure - The Detective Reaper Invites Now on Steam!

PLAYISM is proud to announce that The Detective Reaper Invites, an indie game by solo developer SHIZU KANO UMI, has released on Steam on May 25, 2024.

The Detective Reaper Invites fuses elements of roguelites, deckbuilding card games, and logic puzzles to create a unique deduction adventure where all of the murder cases, deductions, and game board are randomly generated, making every run unique. The controls and game mechanics are simple and easy to learn, allowing anyone to enjoy its endless detective gameplay. If you're confident in your deduction skills, you can try to aim for speedier clear times as well as attempt the timed challenge of Hard Mode. Visit the Steam page to learn more!

As no two runs are exactly the same, this game is perfect for content creators. Streamers can enjoy solving cases with their viewers without having to worry about spoilers, and for this title, we welcome all content creators to share their playthroughs, story spoilers included. For more information, please refer to our Streaming Guidelines.

Tips and Tricks

As with most roguelites, in The Detective Reaper Invites, you will learn through many deaths and failed playthroughs.

Every time you lose a run and start another, you'll gradually learn from your mistakes to build up the logical skills and intuition to get better and better at solving cases. Here are some tips to help you grow as a newbie detective reaper. But take caution: there's no surefire way to success. Always keep thinking and adapting to your situation!

◆ Test your luck with shortcuts on the board

There are shortcuts on the game board that will allow you to proceed without doing anything except paying the price in either money or HP. Will you accept the loss and take a shortcut, or brave a deduction tile for the chance to gain rewards?

There are also random events and treasure chests, which can either aid or harm your run. Sometimes, testing your luck is the best way to get closer to victory.

◆ Earn more money at the shop

Using cards costs money, which means you might run out after a particularly tough case.

That's where the shop comes in. Other than spending more money to buy useful cards, there are cards that cost negative money. These are Demerit Cards, which put you at a disadvantage if you draw them during a deduction, but you will receive money if you choose to add them to your deck.

At times, you might want to get a Demerit Card despite the downsides to secure the funds you need.

◆ Choose not to add cards to your deck

Every time you solve a case, you get to choose 1 card out of 3 to add to your deck. But if you choose to skip the reward instead, you can recover a small amount of HP!

Sometimes, having too many cards can bloat your deck and might even make you waste money. It might be a tiny amount, but that extra HP might just save your life later on.

Word from the Developer - SHIZU KANO UMI

If you asked me why I decided to make a game where your deductions change randomly every time, I would say it's simply because I love roguelites and the mystery genre.

When you read a mystery for the second time, it becomes a completely different experience where you can enjoy the lampshading and foreshadowing and other devices that lead to the conclusion. The more shocking the culprit's tricks are, the more vividly I remember them. That's why I came up with the idea to let players solve randomly generated cases.

By the way, when I read a mystery novel or watch a detective movie, I never try to find out who the culprit is. I know it's a genre where most people enjoy guessing the culprit, but I think enjoying the story and guessing the culprit are different things.

Which means a guy who doesn't deduce anything made a deduction game. I would really appreciate it if you could give it a try.

Product Information

The Detective Reaper Invites

PLAYISM Page | Steam Page

■ Developer: SHIZU KANO UMI
■ Publisher: PLAYISM
■ Genre: Roguelite Deduction Adventure
■ Platform: Steam
■ Release Date: May 25, 2024
■ MSRP: $9.99
■ Supported Languages: English, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese

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